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About SpyHuman

What is Spyhuman?

Spyhuman offers you state of android monitoring solutions; it helps you look after your child’s online activity. Spyhuman comes with a mobile tracker that is easy to install and equipped with call detail monitoring. It also includes SMS, location, browsing history monitoring, and many others. Spyhuman does not require to root your mobile phone for complete functioning.
Spyhuman enables you to oversee your ward’s online activity from anywhere at any time. You can also block websites with Spyhuman. Along with domestic monitoring, Spyhuman offers you look into your employees’ actions as well. It is essential for organizations dealing with critical and confidential information.
The best apart about Spyhuman is your employees and child would not know they are being inspected. Spyhuman is one of the best spyware available in the market!

Features of Spyhuman

Spyhuman provides you amazing features, some of them are listed here for you:

  1. GPS Tracker: Identify the location of your target and find its whereabouts through the highly efficient GPS tracker embedded in Spyhuman. It monitors your target remotely, gives you access to all the routes traveled by them.
  2. Call Management: Spyhuman offers a range of features in the calling function. It monitors who the target is calling, duration of the call, and several other details. One of the salient features of the software is it also records call and restricts phone numbers to get calls from.
  3. SMS Tracker: Get access to the messaging log of your target like outgoing messages, incoming messages, date & time stamps, message body text, contact information. After installation, Spyhuman takes a backup of the entire message log of the target from their device; and instantly uploads data to your device.
  4. Live Monitor: Spyhuman mobile app enables you to record the surroundings of your ward. This feature can be accessed remotely from anywhere at your comfort.

Price of Spyhuman

Spyhuman price varies on customer-oriented modules. To know more about the price, please request call and our sales expert team will get in touch with you.

Sold By : SpyHuman


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