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About ZingHR

What is ZingHR?

ZingHR is HR and payroll management software that focuses on empowering the workforce to improve businesses. It establishes a digital workforce that is well connected and well informed. It has an easy-to-use UI that eases the employee user experience. ZingHR has added voice assistance powered by google assistant, which only increases the ease of user experience.

ZingHR is a very active software solution that works continuously the organization’s HR operations. It is multilingual software that provides support in 21 languages. ZingHR specializes in the hiring process. It has robotic interviews that work for you in real-time. It also has a machine learning system that increases hiring by 92%.

ZingHR software provides a multilingual, AI-powered, voice-based chatbot for walkthrough and solution to queries in real-time.
ZingHR has a superb payroll management solution that can process more than 500 computations in less than a minute with no errors. It also keeps a track of loans and advances given to employees in the organization. It ensures all the statutory compliances for businesses.

ZingHR Pricing:

ZingHR software comes in a monthly subscription format. It is available in 5 packages i.e-

  1. Turbo Pack
  2. Power Pack
  3. Business Pack
  4. Welcome Pack
  5. Custom Packaging

The number of features varies between different packages and the custom package provides you the option to pick and choose the features you want to according to your needs. The prices vary on the customizations asked.

Features of ZingHR

  1. ZingHR is a comprehensive tool for HRMS and payroll management.
  2. It provides simple solutions to simplify office workflows.
  3. It eases the hiring process with great efficiency.
  4. ZingHR comes with multi-lingual access.
  5. It updates every 45 days to provide new features and improve the current ones.
  6. ZingHR mobile app base provides users easy access to their personal data.
  7. ZingHR has provided services to some of the big names like SBI General insurance, HDFC securities, McDonald’s, DHL, Mahindra Business Solutions, Burger King, to name a few.
  8. With 18 years of experience, ZingHR is one of the leading software solution providers for HRM and payroll management solutions.

Sold By : Zing Hr


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